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(BETWEEN FRANCE AND NEPAL) In France, I tell children a story and they sing a song that I collect. Once I have finished my french collect, I will leave hitch hiking to Nepal. On my way, I will sing with my guitar and i will juggle with children. In return, they will teach me a song wich will delight my travel and wich will meet others children fron the world. Spreading songs all the way, I would like to provoke meetings and to build bridges between children from differents countries.

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Where am I actually ?

«  Décembre 2018  »

the fantastic town


I'm with my friend " Navneet " and his wife

" Prya ".

I stayed in their home during my 12 th week.

All the day, Navneet works.

I have seen again " Mina ",a student that i met

 in a bus; with his friends, we have visited 

a few famous sites like the mausoléum : Mahatma


Gandhi is called : "the father of the nation".

 He dreamed at an Indian society right and

 equal for everybody.

Gandhi asked to live simply for the others live


In the middle of the town, there is " the Old

Delhi ": a great bazar is in the area. Some

 thousands of small shopkeepers fill the small

 streets where there are only cows and people.

 be carreful with cow-dungs.

The smell of incense and spices are nice for my


So i love  getting lost me in this maze.

The prices change quickly according to the customer .

The life isn't dear but the poverty  is everywhere.

 Many people earn less than 1 euro a day.

In the evening, a robber take my camera in my

rucksack, when i waited for the bus.

I had photos and vidéos that i took in the  week.

 With my camera, i collect the children songs.

I had not find a school for my collect, although

" Mina " and his friends had given me a contact.

It's very hot at  " Delhi " for this week and i

had the " Tourista " (diarrhoea) , no comment.

When i was at Delhi in 2003, i played extra in a

film " who Lahme " from the Bollywood.

The Indians love the cinema a lot. In this film,

i watched a fashion-show at a bar with a glass of

whisky and i was  well dressed.

After, with a new camera i go to " Rishikesh " which

 is on the side of the Gange and the mountains of


 7 hours in a bus to have 230 km.

There are a lot plantations of sugar-cane. It look

 like at indian corn.

The stalks are grinded to give sugar which you add

ginger, lemmon and minth ; it's delicious!!

Today, monday April 7 th i go to a collect in a

small village in the mountains where there is not


I will stay during 2 or 3 days before to get back

to the Nepal by north-east.

It will take me also 2 or 3 days by bus to arrived at

" Pokhara ".

mean while,  be patient for the news !!!.



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