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(BETWEEN FRANCE AND NEPAL) In France, I tell children a story and they sing a song that I collect. Once I have finished my french collect, I will leave hitch hiking to Nepal. On my way, I will sing with my guitar and i will juggle with children. In return, they will teach me a song wich will delight my travel and wich will meet others children fron the world. Spreading songs all the way, I would like to provoke meetings and to build bridges between children from differents countries.

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good momos

Namaste everybody,

On saturday, there's not school in Népal.

With Sabina, Barbara and the children,we are going to the swimming-pool; after 2 hours in the water, the children wasn't tired and an enormous dark cloud resolute them to going out.

We get back to the CCC with 9 passengers in a small car without safetybelt. In Népal, it's possible to put 3 persons on a motobike without hemlet. The roads aren't good and the speed is limited with the holes.

The time of the Monsoon is very wet and it can raining several days along at the end.

The farmers plant the rice and the harvest will be about 4 months.

Wednesday evening we get up at the second upstair to eat momos.There's pastry with inside: vegetables, meat and others ingrédients; it's a nice cheneese dish. It's difficult for me to make momos.

During my last evening at CCC, i collect " Ressome Philili ": a popular song  in Nepal and the song from the orphanage with a dance.

I leave the CCC  to get back to Delhi where i will take a plane for Istanbul, whitout forget byebye to my friend "Navneet"and his wife.

I will visit a national park at Chitwan, the time for a walk at éléphant back. I hope to meet Bengaly tiger, Gange dolphins and rkinocéros with 1 horn.

I will give you the continuation  of my return trip on my blog. 

Peti bétanla


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Published at 06:10, 24/05/2008, Pokhara
Tags : ChitwanRessomePhilili