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(BETWEEN FRANCE AND NEPAL) In France, I tell children a story and they sing a song that I collect. Once I have finished my french collect, I will leave hitch hiking to Nepal. On my way, I will sing with my guitar and i will juggle with children. In return, they will teach me a song wich will delight my travel and wich will meet others children fron the world. Spreading songs all the way, I would like to provoke meetings and to build bridges between children from differents countries.

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«  Novembre 2018  »


I arrived  at Timisoara in Romania; I will spent some news sooner.

All your messages are hot for my heart.

The tent is not used  for my sleep.

At the moment, it's not cold but wet.


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Published at 10:13, 20/01/2008 in Travel, Timişoara
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out France


I'm happy to giveyou some news from BUDAPEST.

Hitch-hiking is excellent. I speak with people from Germany,Poland,Austria and Hungria.

Generaly, we speak english but  with a poland man i communique with songs and hands. we singed " la Bamba, don't worry be happy or Besame".

In Germany , the country looks like France with big forests.  There are many big dark cars. The south is industrialized.

With motor ways it's easy to go to Stuttgart,Munich and Budapest. The drivers are very cool, Barbara,Irina or Sandor can doing more 30 kilometers to conduct me on the best road.

I had a conducted visit about Budapest ( it's a beautiful town). At the beginning there had 2 towns: Buda and Pest with in the middle the enormous river: the Danube.

After Germany it's Austria and i saw snow on the mountains : the Alpes like in the south east of France.

Tuesday evening, Adelle from Austria and about 60 years, teacher of yoga invites me to sleep at home near Linz; she laughs a lot because she speaks deutsh and i don't understand.

Saturday, i will go to Roumania; but before i profit thermal watering and ice skating in the open at Budapest

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Published at 08:46, 17/01/2008 in Travel, Budapest
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