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(BETWEEN FRANCE AND NEPAL) In France, I tell children a story and they sing a song that I collect. Once I have finished my french collect, I will leave hitch hiking to Nepal. On my way, I will sing with my guitar and i will juggle with children. In return, they will teach me a song wich will delight my travel and wich will meet others children fron the world. Spreading songs all the way, I would like to provoke meetings and to build bridges between children from differents countries.

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The roof of the world

Namaste everybody,


I have finish my trek after 20 days on the Himalayas.

When i was a boy, i would prefer football. Today, i use my legs to discover the nice countries.

The deep valleys can doing 3000 meters high.

About 1000 meters there is forest with a lot of aninals and trees. It's the end for the rhododendrons flowers.

The mountain "Dhaulagiri" does 8167 meters, it's often cloudy.

I meet " Marc et Céline" ( french ) and i stay with they during 7 days; they celebrate my birthday on april 24 th.

We eat a delicious surprise cake with 24 canddles.

And then, i discover the lake "Tilicho": the highest in the world.

With "peinen" (Norvegian) we go up to the frost lake snowly on 4 km.

We have seen blue ships on the sides.

Arrived at Thorong pass at 5400 m the t° is - 3° and the wind blow in the cold.

The oxigen is reduced and the walk is slowind down.

After is the big descent, the grass is under 4000 m .

The Népalian eats his products : rices, potatoes, cabages, carrots, mil, lentils,maize which are cultivate in terrace.

He take 2 meals a day and it's always the same vegetables.

The boudhists don't eat meat

Yak looks like a cow with long hair; its milk is famous and its dungs feed the ground and light the heating.

The main fruit is the apple; you eat pies and crumbles.

I have walked more than 250 km before arrived to Pokhara.

It's a big town with a lot noise and pollution.

I'm now at  the CCC (Chetana Children Center) where 6 orphans and 2 moniters works at school.

The wellcome was warmly; and each day i present my trip and my collect during 2 weeks.

After, it's the end for the Nepal.

Thanks to the shools which can communicated with me on


peti bétanla



Published at 08:38, 16/05/2008, Pokhara
Tags : ThorongTilichoDhaulagiri
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Up the hills you go

Wow! your adventures are so amazing! I could shoot a documentary film on your trip. Maybe we can do it for your next travel mission.

Published by Anonymous at 09:54, 6/06/2008

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