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(BETWEEN FRANCE AND NEPAL) In France, I tell children a story and they sing a song that I collect. Once I have finished my french collect, I will leave hitch hiking to Nepal. On my way, I will sing with my guitar and i will juggle with children. In return, they will teach me a song wich will delight my travel and wich will meet others children fron the world. Spreading songs all the way, I would like to provoke meetings and to build bridges between children from differents countries.

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Merhaba everybody (hello in turkish)

After have eaten a few days in more the delicatessen dishes  from Vianka (ex. Banista) and bulgaria brandy from Tsanko (the Raquia) , i said bye Gallia who stayed with me all days long.

I leaved Lovech to jump over the snowy mountains "the Balkans" on january 26th. I arrived in south of Bulgaria after one afternoon with hitch hiking, near the turkish frontier.

When the sunset, the man who leaved me in front of his clothes shop, 45 minutes beforhand, invited me: "this evening, my house is your"; we went in a forest house with his hunter friends. They knew only the channel "hunting & fishing ". At the end of evening, they enjoy to have a new word in french : wild boar.

The day after, i arrived in Turkey; for the first time, a driver asked to me 50 euros, hitch hiking isn't usual in Turkey.  So, a man leaved me at at a bus station and i jump in a bus who went to Istanbul.

At Istanbul, i asked at a few persons the direction to the underground who should drive me at the district "Sultanhamet" where i hoped find an hotel. A man ,Ahmet, went with me , he spoke a little french and after 5 ' , he invited me to sleep at home.

It was in the house of his sister Tendu and his nephew Tank; i live here 4 days ago. I visited Istanbul, its mosques, i tasted the sweets and i drank a lot  teas (tchai). A few districts  have rich buildings and others  have shops where small shopkeepers are installed. the more interesting is for me the "spice bazar"; there is much people and the sellers are very speed with the costumers.

Istanbul is cutted  by the straights of Bosphore; i take a boat to get back to the Tendu home who's in the asiatic part of the town.

I walk in Asia for the 1st time.

It's however, in the european part that i returned to have my iranian visa. I could have it about 8th february at Ankara (my next destination)

No luck, the schools are shutted during 15 days because it's the holidays. If i don't propose my collect in an association or other at Ankara, i hope find a school at the east of the country when the school will be started again.

During my waiting, i hear the mosque songs who sing 5 times a day.

Thanks everybody for your mails,  you can try the answers sooner in the column  "exchanges"

Gùle, Gûle  =  byebye

Published at 04:53, 1/02/2008, Istanbul
Tags : Tendutank
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