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(BETWEEN FRANCE AND NEPAL) In France, I tell children a story and they sing a song that I collect. Once I have finished my french collect, I will leave hitch hiking to Nepal. On my way, I will sing with my guitar and i will juggle with children. In return, they will teach me a song wich will delight my travel and wich will meet others children fron the world. Spreading songs all the way, I would like to provoke meetings and to build bridges between children from differents countries.

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Where am I actually ?

«  Décembre 2018  »

Pierre the return

Saturday 24 th, my suitcase is shutted. Jody and his sister Anita give to me the traditional hat and too the scarfs.

I'm ready for the return and before i'visited the national park "Chitwan".

I go to conoeing and elephant back, and too i'have a shower surprise.

I have seen rhinoceros, deers, monkeys and a lot of birds.

I had a good memory with a couple of inhabitant in a house with thatch roof and the terra cotta.

At the border, the bus is stopped by the students untill  the next morning. It's like this all months.

At Delhi, i'm so surprised with the noise, the enormous population and the klaxon concert.

After 2 hours in the bus, i arrived at Navneet and Prya home; i taste again the delicious indian food.

Wednesday may 28 th, i take a plane to Istanbul. The contrast is real, it' already the europ.

The lovers kiss themself on the publics benches.

I drink tea with my  friend Ayhan near the black see: the Bosphore. The days are more long than in India where the sunset is at 7 o'clock p.m.

I take good lunch with Tendu and Tayrik; it's pleasure to see people again.

In India you eat rice and in Turkey it's bread and sweets.

The tomorrow, i arrive at Lovech in Bulgaria; i'm sorry because it's holidays and i meet nobody at school.

Tsanko and Bianka are wellcoming me and i eat the good rakia.

The tomorrow, i 'm in Romania; i visit the north and the south stations and then i arrive in Carpattes where the snow is dissolved.

The farmers  go out the cows to eat the grass on the sides of the road.

After, i arrive at Novaci where it's the small farm at Mariata and Gico. Anna who arrive  from Laval (France)  and Gorgianna are wellcomed with me.

The t° is tempered , the roses are beautiful and the dogs don't bark.

This morning, Dora the teacher and the 2 classes are happy  to meet me again.

We sing " mabo y tchuckulpa " and a few songs from my collect. It's a good moment at Novaci.

Mr Brandoc is always a very good singer and the pupils laugh when i say a few words in romanian.

I'm very busy before  my back home.

La revédère  "byebye"


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Published at 06:47, 5/06/2008, Novaci
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The life at the C.C.C.


At Chetana Children Center, it's the good family, with the 6 children, Sabina (the boss), her baby Arian, Santosh the éducator and Roséni The house worker.

Everyday at 6, the children get up to drink a hot milk with slices of bread and biscuits.

At half past 6, it's the beginning of school work.

I'm better in mathematics and i perfect my english vocabulary. Santosh learns them the Népali.

The class in english benefit quickly at the pupils who speak well english.

At half past 8, it's Dhal Bhat and after the school day begin. Nawaradj, Bikal and Nimika put  a necktie.

At half past 16, it's the return to the C C C.

At T. V. you can watch "inspector Gadget" like in France, 20 years ago.

At half past 17, it's the home work with Sinam and Rasma.

Dhal Bath is at 19 o'clock and after it's collecting song; when i play music with my instruments, Arian (18 months) dances and all the children applaud.

They make a song for my collect and i will go home in the middle of june  after have visited the schools in Bulgaria, Romania,Hungria and Germany.

I will travel by plane from Delhi to Istanbul to win some times.

I ask at the schools to say me when it's possible to visit them.

Peti Betanla.


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Published at 12:29, 24/05/2008, Pokhara
Tags : RasmaSinam

good momos

Namaste everybody,

On saturday, there's not school in Népal.

With Sabina, Barbara and the children,we are going to the swimming-pool; after 2 hours in the water, the children wasn't tired and an enormous dark cloud resolute them to going out.

We get back to the CCC with 9 passengers in a small car without safetybelt. In Népal, it's possible to put 3 persons on a motobike without hemlet. The roads aren't good and the speed is limited with the holes.

The time of the Monsoon is very wet and it can raining several days along at the end.

The farmers plant the rice and the harvest will be about 4 months.

Wednesday evening we get up at the second upstair to eat momos.There's pastry with inside: vegetables, meat and others ingrédients; it's a nice cheneese dish. It's difficult for me to make momos.

During my last evening at CCC, i collect " Ressome Philili ": a popular song  in Nepal and the song from the orphanage with a dance.

I leave the CCC  to get back to Delhi where i will take a plane for Istanbul, whitout forget byebye to my friend "Navneet"and his wife.

I will visit a national park at Chitwan, the time for a walk at éléphant back. I hope to meet Bengaly tiger, Gange dolphins and rkinocéros with 1 horn.

I will give you the continuation  of my return trip on my blog. 

Peti bétanla


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Published at 06:10, 24/05/2008, Pokhara
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The roof of the world

Namaste everybody,


I have finish my trek after 20 days on the Himalayas.

When i was a boy, i would prefer football. Today, i use my legs to discover the nice countries.

The deep valleys can doing 3000 meters high.

About 1000 meters there is forest with a lot of aninals and trees. It's the end for the rhododendrons flowers.

The mountain "Dhaulagiri" does 8167 meters, it's often cloudy.

I meet " Marc et Céline" ( french ) and i stay with they during 7 days; they celebrate my birthday on april 24 th.

We eat a delicious surprise cake with 24 canddles.

And then, i discover the lake "Tilicho": the highest in the world.

With "peinen" (Norvegian) we go up to the frost lake snowly on 4 km.

We have seen blue ships on the sides.

Arrived at Thorong pass at 5400 m the t° is - 3° and the wind blow in the cold.

The oxigen is reduced and the walk is slowind down.

After is the big descent, the grass is under 4000 m .

The Népalian eats his products : rices, potatoes, cabages, carrots, mil, lentils,maize which are cultivate in terrace.

He take 2 meals a day and it's always the same vegetables.

The boudhists don't eat meat

Yak looks like a cow with long hair; its milk is famous and its dungs feed the ground and light the heating.

The main fruit is the apple; you eat pies and crumbles.

I have walked more than 250 km before arrived to Pokhara.

It's a big town with a lot noise and pollution.

I'm now at  the CCC (Chetana Children Center) where 6 orphans and 2 moniters works at school.

The wellcome was warmly; and each day i present my trip and my collect during 2 weeks.

After, it's the end for the Nepal.

Thanks to the shools which can communicated with me on


peti bétanla



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Published at 08:38, 16/05/2008, Pokhara
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school on the moutains



Before to go away for the trek, i have wrote this text.

This collect come from " Patna " , near the Indian frontier.

At  sunrise, the children get back the mountains with theirs satchels on the back.

They are welldressed with the same uniform, The 4 teachers are women.

2 of them come from " Laxam Jula " situated under  " Patna ".

It's 7 in the morning, the pupils stop to play, put on theirs poors shoes in front of the door.

They sit back on the ground, the boys on a side and the girls on the other.

I present my "Tounga story" at the pupils who are 10-13 years old.

Only the teacher understand english.

I play  "Bossa Nova" music for the Brasil and "Country" music for the U S A.

I juggle and after i present my collect from pupils who are German, Bulgarian, Turkish and Iranians.

Then, 2 timid girls get up to sing a beautiful song: "Balou sa Kale" (have confidence);

At their turn, 2 boys  and then all the class sing  a song about the religion.

Doctor " Chandan " don't speak enough english to traduct and i must find one in Nepal.

People speaks " Hindy "

I leave the class during the recreation ( 1 hour ); the chidren play barefeet on the gravels.

The class shut at 1 o'clock  P. M. and the pupils are probably hungry because there's no snack since 7 in the morning.

It was my last  collect before Nepal and my meet with the inhabitants of " the Chetana Children center ".

It's always a pleasure to meet children for the collect because each is different and so beautiful.

Peti Betanla


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Published at 10:18, 23/04/2008, Patna
Tags : Laxam Jula Balou Sa KalePatna

mountains "Himalaya"


Near Rishikesh,  there are Laxman Jula and Ram jula.

A lot tourists visite this place where the Gange (big river)  is crossed by 2 paths bridges.

Rishikesh is the yoga capital, i met an old man who's 98 and able to put his 2 legs behind the head.

In the forest, there are a lot monkeys which come in the village to have some food.

In the guest  house, i met Peter "american guitarist" and Pedro who plays indian percussions.

i have good moments with Daniel "argentin" who plays mandoline.

I slept with Jo (Joaquim) who comes from Lyon and prepar Tchai:

-boiling water with black tea

-milk, cardamon, cloves and ginger

-honey or sugar if you want.

In the afternoon, i wanted to visit the big waterfall and i see woomen on the trees, people in the fields and beautiful birds like peacocks.

After, i met Chandan who invit me for a tchai. Before he was a teatcher, and with Tchivali, they propose me the bed for 3 nights.

In this area, there are bears and tigers....

Tigers are catched with a bait like a dog . It eats deers and cows meat then dogs and after man.

It go out at the night for the meal.

I collected a song at  the village: Patna. I live at Pokhara since 4 days.

I will go for a trek when my health will be better because i have a little fever presently.

The previous start is april 19 th.

Péli bétanla (see you soon)


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Published at 07:21, 18/04/2008, Pokhara
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Nepal frontier


                                                                                                                                              I'm in NEPAL

At the frontier, people sometimes waited for 4 days.

During the lunch with Maggy (american women), a Nepal student  tell us that

the frontier was open during 30 minutes before shutting again.

The traditional today's special is " Thali "; you have rice, lentils and vegetables.

Maggy created an orphanage and she urge the police who allowes us to pass.

Since 3 months, when somebody ask me "where you go", i said: "to Nepal".

Now i will say "Pokhara" and after "The Chetana Children Center" with Milan "

the educator.

Presently, it' school holidays in Nepal and the CCC is shutted.

So, tomorrow i go to Pokhara to prepare the treck which the long will be about

 20 days.

The Nepal elections was april 10 th, tomorrow the 12,  we will have the results.

Maggy said: there is 50 000 orphans for 25 millions inhabitants in Nepal.

The people is very poor and this poverty increase the child population.

The politic and the religion are not good for the moment.

At the frontier, the area looks like the india with the warm and the landscape.

People has not completely the same face.

I will try to give you, some news before walk on.







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Published at 08:03, 12/04/2008, Pokhara
Tags : MaggyThali

the fantastic town


I'm with my friend " Navneet " and his wife

" Prya ".

I stayed in their home during my 12 th week.

All the day, Navneet works.

I have seen again " Mina ",a student that i met

 in a bus; with his friends, we have visited 

a few famous sites like the mausoléum : Mahatma


Gandhi is called : "the father of the nation".

 He dreamed at an Indian society right and

 equal for everybody.

Gandhi asked to live simply for the others live


In the middle of the town, there is " the Old

Delhi ": a great bazar is in the area. Some

 thousands of small shopkeepers fill the small

 streets where there are only cows and people.

 be carreful with cow-dungs.

The smell of incense and spices are nice for my


So i love  getting lost me in this maze.

The prices change quickly according to the customer .

The life isn't dear but the poverty  is everywhere.

 Many people earn less than 1 euro a day.

In the evening, a robber take my camera in my

rucksack, when i waited for the bus.

I had photos and vidéos that i took in the  week.

 With my camera, i collect the children songs.

I had not find a school for my collect, although

" Mina " and his friends had given me a contact.

It's very hot at  " Delhi " for this week and i

had the " Tourista " (diarrhoea) , no comment.

When i was at Delhi in 2003, i played extra in a

film " who Lahme " from the Bollywood.

The Indians love the cinema a lot. In this film,

i watched a fashion-show at a bar with a glass of

whisky and i was  well dressed.

After, with a new camera i go to " Rishikesh " which

 is on the side of the Gange and the mountains of


 7 hours in a bus to have 230 km.

There are a lot plantations of sugar-cane. It look

 like at indian corn.

The stalks are grinded to give sugar which you add

ginger, lemmon and minth ; it's delicious!!

Today, monday April 7 th i go to a collect in a

small village in the mountains where there is not


I will stay during 2 or 3 days before to get back

to the Nepal by north-east.

It will take me also 2 or 3 days by bus to arrived at

" Pokhara ".

mean while,  be patient for the news !!!.



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Published at 10:27, 7/04/2008,
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The hot India

                                               Namaste everybody,

When i arrived at Ahmadabad, i find a bus

 immediatly for Udaipur.

It's 4 o'clock in the morning and i'm very tired

but the spectacle is famous and i don't sleep.

There are some cows in the middle of the road

and some men sleep on the sides; anothers are

 in groups around the Samosa sellers.

(Samosa look like at fritter with potatoes, onions and spices)

The bus stoppes to take news passengers and

shokeepers come at the windows to offer some

 bananas, oranges, crisps and also Tchai: the

drink N° 1 in India. (Tea with milk and some spices)

The bus starts again and we meet a camel which

 trail a straw cart with at the top the farmer in well sitting.

With continuous klaxons from the bus at every

overtakings and the shakes on the bad roads, i fall

asleep (on 1 ear).

It's at Udaipur in ricshaw that i finish my mad day

 at transport: boat, plane and bus.

The ricshaw is a taxi with 3 wheels behind a moto

or a bike. there are  in the coins of the streets.

Udaipur is a very beautiful town with small mountains

 around;  the town is situated near a lake with in the

 middle a few palaces which seem to float.This nice

 town has a lot tourists and there are many shops.

It's dificult to walk during 5 minutes without a seller of

 clothes, sculpture or trinkets, calls out me "Hello sir" 

 and try to speak with me to sell me his product.

(be carrefully for stings)

One time, a man propose me to go up on the elephant

for a walk. I would prefer to see the beautiful animal

 in the country.

All day long, it carry  the tourists with around it the cars

 and their klaxons. It's striked by its master.

My prefered day during the 5 at Udaipur is this where

 i hire a bike and leaved the swarming of the town to

get back to the quiet country.

The tropical climate favours big trees when there is

enough water. A few has flowers and the indians are

happy to pick the flowers to decorate a lot of things

like the bus and the houses.

The flowers are offered at the many hindus gods.

(more than 2 millions)

My last day at Udaipur was a public holiday because

 it's the colours feast: "Holly". During the feast, people

 goes in the streets and they daub and fling with the

 powder paint.

I look at the people who dance and embrace  theyself

 in the street saying "happy holly". I take  down a

water bucket on my head from a boy on a balcony.

The tee-shirt  "Pos cafe" is very coloured. The colours

 show us the gaiety in India.

The women clothes "saris" have bright colours. So the

 horns of the cows are painted.

The streets at Montjean or Laval are very quiet  in

comparison with those in Udaipur.

Monday 23 th, i take the train and after the bus to go

to the big city:" Delhi " where there are shantytowns

and big moderns buildings.

A student "Mina" help me to find "Navneet" that i met

2 years ago when i stayed during July and August.

I'm very happy to meet him and inhabit in his house 

for a part of the 12° week .



P S : I wavered between to answer at your questions

 or related this last week . I hope to find the time to

answer at you quickly.


Thanks for all your messages .



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Published at 12:15, 30/03/2008, Udaipur
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modern island: kish

Namaste, (hello indian)

From India and Udaipur, i give you the 10° treck week without the high heat in Rajastan.


In the bus from Shiraz to Bandar Abbas, i meet Esan, Adi, Rahim, Ali and Ali.

These 5 students invit me to follow they for Kish Island and they say to me that it's the only place in Iran where you can swim and take your tent. "take of your clothes isn't convenient in Iran".


The heat and their liking decide me to set in the taxi. The boys speak a little "english" and me a little "farsi", i think that island is at 30 km.


In fact, the taxi will stop after 300 km and after 40 ' in a small boat where i take a buttockache during 2 days.At the evening we look at the sun in the sea which come from the yellow to the red.

With big surprise i see buildings in front of me; Kish is a rich island.

The roads are maintained (no hole),artificial trees with electric garlands light the streets where you can hear the local radio. There are even supermarkets (not in Iran).

At daybreak, first swim in the transparent sea "the Gulf Persic" where i see 2 babies sharks and a tunny group (very nice). The more dangerous is the sea-urchins on the coral, don't walk on this animal.

The day after, i ride a bike for the round of the island; 40 km for the front wheel and 50 for the second, because it's wry after 10 '.


There is not a lot végétation on the island and the oil refineries are on the desertic part of the country.

I prefer look at the sea where there are birds like white ibis, budgerigars with red beaks, and small birds which fluorescent green.

I leave this island on the sunday with the 5 happy boys to Bandar Abbas, where there are arabic, african and persan people.

The monday 17 march is not confortable even i'm sit in the boat during 7 hours and after 4 hours in a plane which go at Ahmadabad.

I find again the Rajastan and India where i was 2 years ago and for me it's very différent than Iran.

Now, i don't speak about, because it's finish for the 10° week.

Pihin Lengue (byebye in India)


PS1: I would prefer don't use plane but Pakistan isn't autorised for the crossing and then i'm not able to swim more than 3 weeks.


PS2: I recommend at the teenagers and adults to watch the film "Persépolis", so that you discover the life in Iran with humour and émotion.

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Published at 08:16, 21/03/2008, Udaipur
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wellcome to Shiraz


At Garmeh, the houses are build in terra cotta and they blend with the yellow ground while the green fields with cucumbers are nice.

So, differents varieties of palmtrees grow near Garmeh oasis. Many of its give dates, one fruit that i eat each day (with figs).

The inhabitants sell its on the markets. When i walk with my friend Ben, we saw fogs which ran on the mountain near the village and from the top we see a camel herd in a sunbeam.

With the fresh breeze, we walk all a day long in the rocky desert with a picnic at "Ordib", a typical village. In the evening, we listen the nice traditional music "souffiste" played with Hasan, the hôtel boss and his two friends.

The day after we visited with Pouia, a singular salt desert which we take a photo. Then, with Ben we return on the road with hitch hiking towards to Persépolis. It's always pleasant to take the guitar and play a few songs with 3 or 4 persons in a lorry ( during 200 kilometers at 70 km in a hour ).

In the evening, i take the tent for the first time and in the cold night with a starry sky, a fire is very good.

The day after, we visited the singulars ruins from Persépolis which are more than 2500 years old. We meet students who invited us to sleep at the university; but it was refused at the entrance and we slept in a hôtel at Shiraz.

Shiraz is a very beautiful town with many parks and coloured mosques. The héro is "Hafez", a poet from 14° century ; each iranian know  and can recited the verses (about songs). During 3 days in the town, a lot iranians come to meet me curiously to know where i come from, my age and if i'm married (but not my measurements, isn't it ?)

It's at the end of my stay at Shiraz that i leave Ben to go about the hot in the Iran south, (near 30° at miday) and Bandar Abbas.

the next continuation is not the Pakistan. I ask to you for guess my itinerary for the India.

Thank for your messages; i could tried to answer at your questions in the next week, but it will be difficult perhaps.


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Published at 01:38, 18/03/2008, Shīrāz
Tags : AbbasBandarPersépolisHafez

village in the desert

For the tenth collect , i was at Garmeh

in the iranian desert . The schools aren't

 mixed in Iran ; but Garmeh is a small

village with 100 inhabitants . Boys and

girls are together until the age : 12. And

then , they go at khur which is a biggest town.

Monday february 3 th  , when i go in the

class with the tallest , the 15 pupils who are

12 stand up . They say hello in the same

moment , the boys are on a side and the

girls (with a long black veil) on the other .

The children listen the director who present

me with 3 teachers among the 14 for the

school : one for each matter .

I explain my trip with a world map and

then i sing 3 songs ( french , deutch and

turc ) ; after , the director ask me to stop .

In Iran , you don't sing a lot , generally only

 the musulman songs are autorised in the

schools .

But , it was with a patriot sing " Iran, Iran "

 that the children finish the collect . Most

pupils are mean timids , perhaps because

i 'm a foreigner, a lot look at the ground .

After this collect , the director invits me in

 his office for tea time . By the window , i

see the 15 pupils who run happily in the

playground and they begin a football

match with boys and girls .

Before to leave this school, i have a knock-up

 with Mahmmoud , a teacher who's a nice

table tennis player .

Thank to Pouia who was my guide for the

visit and my interpreter for translate the collect .


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Published at 10:32, 12/03/2008, Garmeh
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at the institute

The last 2 months , the iranians children sang

less at school , because a Imam (religious person)

 deaded 1400 years ago .

The sing is desagreed in all the country .

The class begin at 8 and the end is at 13 h 30

the midday . After , they have free time ,

somebody go to a private school to learn english .

Mohammad , the institute director at Tabriz give

 me the permission to collect with children who

are 7 ,these pupils begin to learn  english at school .

They was not happy at the start and they refuse

to answer at my questions ( the traduction come

from the teacher ) and they applaud with her

agreement .

When it's their turn to sing , they sing "Bah bah

Kodakan" ( Hé hé the children) . After , the

exchanges come a bit and some pupils said o k

at the end of my sentences .

Then , Mohammad asked  me to meet the pupils

who are 12 to 17 (the girls on tuesday and the

boys the day after ; so as to i show they the

utility to know english language in my trip .

I could explain  that in each country , i can

communicate with the precious english . So ,

 i'm sorry for my lack to participation in the

class when i was younger . So , i have some

difficulties with the accent and i don't

understand each sentences from my friend Ben .

Thank very much Peiman who was a nice pupil

and now , he is a kindly teacher in the institute

where i did my collect.


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Published at 08:45, 11/03/2008, Tabriz
Tags : kodakanbahMohammad

Welcome in Iran

Sop perreyl everybody ,

( hello in Farsi, the  Iranian language )

Sorry, the unexpected events explain the delay in

my correspondance.

Here's the headlines from the two last weeks.

 I have too to say at you.

At the Turkish border with Iran , i wait my passport

in a big hall with 50 persons .

There are a lot chairs but they aren't all utilized.

the women have a main sail and they put their

carpet on the ground and sit down.

During this time the men wash their feet and their

hands before going  into the prayer room.

The children run and jump with eldest control.

Suddenly , a man call me ; i'm the first one to have

my passport.

being a foreigner in Iran is like invited and invit is


The Tabriz streets are very busy; the cars klaxon ,

 there's a lot of people ,

the main sail for the women cover their body and it's

 generally black .

You see only yhe hands and the face. 

The writting is " Farsi " which's very different with

 latin .

Sometimes, the people look at me with a smile or

 with a " hello ",

somebody ask me about "my come from". Often,

they are students at the university.

A few iraniens speak english and less speak french .

Yet, in a book shop i met Reza who speak a little

french ,he invites me to drink the tea .

Reza conducts me to meet Peinan who's 20 ; he

speaks about 10 languagesand he loves talk with

the foreigners .

During 4 days, i was his invited, the time to the new

collect , a walk in the mountain and in the Tabriz shop

 with the big market covered.

I have loved the family meals with the nice cooker :

 his mum " Fatima " .

 Ache is made with fines herbes.

After a night in a bus i arrive to Hamadan in a

splendid cave ; i discover the site with a pedal-


I met Asan who's a Zidane fanatic . I slept a time

 in his house .

After i went to Esphahan where i take off my cap and

 my gloves.

Esphahan is famed with the beauty of the mosques ,

its big " Imam square " and its old bridges lighted in the

 night ; there are youngswho sing A Cappella .

I stayed 4 days and i met students who speak english

and they are happy to converse with me about the

differences between the 2 countries.

Iran is an Islam republic with stricts laws , old habits ,

 feast about musulman religion : Chiite.

The calendar isn't the same in France . In April, it' s

new year and friday in Iran is like sunday in France .

I was bored to have a cyber café the last friday

because all the bars was closed .

The day after, i went to Garmeh with Ben

(an english boy ) that i knew at the hotel .

Garmeh is inhabited with 100 persons ; this village

 is around an oasis in the desert near Khur at

 the north of Yazd (for the tourist).

The bus are rares and i practise again hitch hiking

with my friend Ben along 300 km through the rocky

desert .

A driver wanted to give me some money because

 i sang in the lorry .

The policemen stoppe all the vehicles to find us

 a car to conduct us at our village with

 palm trees around the city .

The net café is going to shutted .

Sooner i will put the photos ; at the next etap at

Shiraz with Ben and necessary "hitch hiking".

Ruda Afes ****


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Published at 02:39, 8/03/2008, Tabriz
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white tail , crumbly rock and snow-storm

                                                            Salamalécum          (hello in Iranian)

I'm at Tabriz in Iran, but during my week  6th , i stayed in Turkey at  Cappadoce, in the middle of Turkey .

The volcanic earth changed there was some thousands years with the lave from volcano éruptions. The rock changed with singulars colours and the valleys are dug.

Later, the men inhabited and they dig in the rock who is very crumbly to leave some ruins .

In the famous country , i had a lot pleasure to walh during winter , because it's very quiet (only a few tourists)

Gorëme is a small touristic town in the rock with the departures of footpaths.

I have met Titi, a french boy (recognized when i say hello to him). He leaves France three months ago and he goes to India with a guitar. He knows well this country , so he leads me in a valley where live foxs. These foxs are more big and they have a long white tail .

For the last trek , Camille who follows us  from France come with us . One of the valley is called "the pink valley" (like on the photo). It's easy to understand , with the sunset .

The start day to Gorëme with Camille , we visited a underground town with 13 floors , so it's possible to have 40 000 inhabitants .

I leaved my two friends to go in the east of Turkey and after the Iranian fronter with a night bus .

On the mountainous routes , a snow -storm stops the bus ; the day after , it was again after "Erzurum" the highest town in Anatolia (1800 meters) .

To finish ,i slept two nights in the bus and one in a service station . It was unconfortable but the atmosphère became so good with the passengers. A sitting music with a football time was a welldone for the troup moral .

To have the adventures continuation , you must waited a little, if not the bus will go away without Pierre.

Ruda Afes     (byebye)

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Published at 09:59, 25/02/2008, Erzurum
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at the school

When i arrived at the school of Gorëme; i watch the children

who play in the courtyard covered with snow.

The basket ball court became a ground of ball prisoner,

what i would say a ground of snowballs

Suddenly, the notes of " Elise letter " have effects in the village

and each child with the same clothes gets on line to go in the class.

This time, the pupils from Tuncan class (6 years) haven't the time

to open the exercise books because: Ali, the assistant manager

come in this class and the pupils stand up to greet him.

He presents me and Sali , a jeweller who has inhabited in Paris

a few years ago. He helps me to speak and traduct with the pupils

and teachers.

The next hour, we meet 2 classes in the same ; there are more fifty

children who are 11 or 12. Some pupils aren't sitting confortably but

the silence is total.

We could year a fly in the air.

A story and a few songs collected, a woman teacher become a

orchestra chief and leader, then all the children are singing with the

arms crossed .

At the end of the song, They get high arms and hand in hand.

It was tuesday february 12th : one collect in Cappadoce.


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Published at 09:38, 21/02/2008,
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French school

When i arrived during the pupils holidays , i thought to wait the end to have my collect of Turkish songs.

No, at the embassy, i know that the french school at Ankara is open.

Quickly, i met the director and together we decide the date: on february friday the 8th.

Like its name shows, this school works like a true french school with in more a few pupils from other nationalities.

Into the Isabelle class "C E 2", there are 20 children with 1 spanish and 2 finland girls.

With a few pupils from "C M 1" , they allowed to me  the collect of 3 songs among 2 are turc and 1 is french unitled: "at the hairdresser".

We had a lovely moment together; i have related the Tunga story.

In the classroom , there was no djembé (tam tam) but a derbouka which look like it. It's made with wood ,  goat skin , terra cotta and plastic.

The pupils danced on the derbouka music and they move well their members (arms and legs).

THANKS everybody, i'm happy for this 1° asia collect at the middle of my way.


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Published at 10:43, 16/02/2008, Ankara
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beautiful Capadoce


Here are the last news from Göreme and the Capadoce (middle of Turkey)

Saturday january 5th, my firsts steps at the bus station at Istanbul, go to the cashpoint. I don't think to  my next destination.

A man with a young daughter wait near me; he ask with a big smile, where do you go ? I answer that i don't know and return the question ?

Eregli, it's a beautiful place !

Under a beautiful blue sky,  i have the idea to see "the black sea" before to have my Iranian  stamp at Ankara.

The bus was full and i take the second after have the phone n° from the lovely man.

In the bus i meet Sherat, a Turc student who invit me for a night in a flat at Ankara. Invitation accepted with pleasure.

We have finished the evening in a pub with a guitar singer (guitar = saz "turc") , a few costumers danced traditionnal dances which look like britain dances. Like i have my guitar and my harmonica, i finished the evening with some sings and invited the costumer to discover the coutry dance . It was happier.

The day after, i rejoin Eregli, Ayhan that i met the day before. He wellcomes me with Arman, his brother and Neslihan, his niece, english teatcher (good for me). Ayhan was came back to meet his family during 3 days of holidays and it's with his uncle and his aunt (Sabri and Belguzar) that i can inhabit.

These 3 days, we stay together; i have met his family  who was at each time fantastic; always the same thing: tea with food like nuts, yogurt (from house) or also simits ( cake you can bought in the streets).

During 2 days, i have drink only water with tea; one day i stay in the village where come from Ahyan in the mountains.

In the pub, the men with all ages (not child) play cards games and dés like Tamra. I have offered a music break to change with succes.

After look promising to get back the hearty family, i go to Ankara by hitch hiking and by bus . I slept 2 nights in a hotel and taken my Iranian stamp; (the stamp is a paper which allowed to let in a country).

Alas, i had not the stamp to Pakistan, because there are bigs problems .

I tried to have it in Iran but it will be very difficult.

Now the pub finishes the evening and i can stop my message.

Gülüpe üluse***


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Published at 10:03, 12/02/2008,
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one month from Montjean

Today, it's february 8th.

there is one month along that i started and i live with the pleasure to be a nomad; i see news countries and i'm doing many lovely meetings.

It's one month along that i receive your messages, questions,remarks, encouragements, surprises and thanks.

All your messages are hot for my heart and give to me the strength for my trip.

It's difficult to answer ; i prefer to write on the blog, my news adventures, but this time i change because my project is about exchange and i want answer at each. I try to write quickly now , because the collect is in 50 minutes .

I don't advance very quick, i could be arrived in Nepal if i don't stop a few days in each place.

Presently, i'm cool; all the way  to Bulgaria, i practise hitch hiking; sometimes, i take a bus and one time i take the train.

I advance slowly and rarely i go after 3 or 4 hours in a day.

I met a french boy at Istanbul, who did all the trip in 2 days and 2 nights by bus; In Turkey, i go by bus, only one time by hitch hiking.

I find schools for collected songs in each countries (except in Austria), so, i slept in the houses inhabitant.

in Turkey, my meetings was at Istanbul, Akacosa and Eregli (at the north). It's at Ankara where i am 2 days ago, that i stay in a hotel. My tent is always in the bag.

My health is o k, the food is good; i ate much local natural products (sometimes a bit fat for my stomach); i have carreful attention about my fresh, it' the best solution to profit better about the each moment on my trip; so, i give more positive energy at the persons.

Like said Emilie: "positive energy attracts positive attitude"; i practise that each day with succes.

Kevin, thank you for your message: "if there are good and bad people"; i think the badly become lovely if a smile or a music arrive.

So, i haven't speak about the half that i would say to you and i must go away for a new collect in the french school in Ankara (pupils aren't in holidays).

I think to you a lot and i would like to write at each person before so far, i hope.

Gülüpe ülusse " see you soon " (in Turkey)


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Published at 04:12, 11/02/2008, Ankara
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Merhaba everybody (hello in turkish)

After have eaten a few days in more the delicatessen dishes  from Vianka (ex. Banista) and bulgaria brandy from Tsanko (the Raquia) , i said bye Gallia who stayed with me all days long.

I leaved Lovech to jump over the snowy mountains "the Balkans" on january 26th. I arrived in south of Bulgaria after one afternoon with hitch hiking, near the turkish frontier.

When the sunset, the man who leaved me in front of his clothes shop, 45 minutes beforhand, invited me: "this evening, my house is your"; we went in a forest house with his hunter friends. They knew only the channel "hunting & fishing ". At the end of evening, they enjoy to have a new word in french : wild boar.

The day after, i arrived in Turkey; for the first time, a driver asked to me 50 euros, hitch hiking isn't usual in Turkey.  So, a man leaved me at at a bus station and i jump in a bus who went to Istanbul.

At Istanbul, i asked at a few persons the direction to the underground who should drive me at the district "Sultanhamet" where i hoped find an hotel. A man ,Ahmet, went with me , he spoke a little french and after 5 ' , he invited me to sleep at home.

It was in the house of his sister Tendu and his nephew Tank; i live here 4 days ago. I visited Istanbul, its mosques, i tasted the sweets and i drank a lot  teas (tchai). A few districts  have rich buildings and others  have shops where small shopkeepers are installed. the more interesting is for me the "spice bazar"; there is much people and the sellers are very speed with the costumers.

Istanbul is cutted  by the straights of Bosphore; i take a boat to get back to the Tendu home who's in the asiatic part of the town.

I walk in Asia for the 1st time.

It's however, in the european part that i returned to have my iranian visa. I could have it about 8th february at Ankara (my next destination)

No luck, the schools are shutted during 15 days because it's the holidays. If i don't propose my collect in an association or other at Ankara, i hope find a school at the east of the country when the school will be started again.

During my waiting, i hear the mosque songs who sing 5 times a day.

Thanks everybody for your mails,  you can try the answers sooner in the column  "exchanges"

Gùle, Gûle  =  byebye

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Published at 04:53, 1/02/2008, Istanbul
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